Sandi Shaner


Lizzie Shipton


Stephanie O'Dell


Kisag Solis


Vocals/ Dance/ Guitar

Sandi, founding member and Manager of Get Groovin,  has been writing, singing, dancing, and performing since the age of 14. She is heavily influenced by Rock music of the 70's and 80's , and has been deemed the Rocker Girl in Get Groovin! --  She has played with and opened for some great musicians and bands including:
Lita Ford,Jefferson Starship,Tesla,Cherie Currie,Dio's Band, The Last in Line


Vocals/ Dance/ Keyboards

LIzzie is Graduated from UCSD with a Bachelor in Jazz Studies and Voice, Lizzie has been trained from the age of 5, on piano, vocals, acting, and dancing. A quadruple threat! Lizzie is also a solo artist and more can be found In Get Groovin, Lizzie is the Pop Queen, bringing light to 4 decades of your favorite songs.


Vocals/ Dance

Stephanie is a graduate of University of Michigan, with a Bachelor in Music/ Voice. She studies Opera and sings with soul. In Get Groovin, Stephanie adds the 70's flair of Disco and Soul. Her tone is warm and soothing, and her performance has been said to have a sexy and sultry flair that would remind you of artists like Donna Summer, while maintaining an attitude like Aretha Franklin.


Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Kisag, a founding member of Get Groovin', has been playing Classical Guitar and Rock n Roll Guitar since the age of 10. He is by all means, Versatile and can play ANY style of music. He executes guitar riffs with passion, and always performs as though he is playing an arena! He has been nicknamed "the Shredmaster" by his fans, and the title fits! -- Having spent a lot of time performing internationally, Kisag has played with:

El Tri
Maldita vecindad
Cafe Tacuba
Lita Ford
George Lynch
Cherie Curry
Jefferson Starship
Dio's Band

Craig Harris


Bass Guitar

Craig started playing electric bass at age 16 and played in rock, R&B , and funk bands in Ohio & Florida until moving to CA in 1976. He continued to play R&B funk, jazz and jazz fusion, doing tour dates, studio work and the playing in the local music scene for the past 25 years here in.San Diego  Craig fills the room with an infectious groove that gets any crowd on the dance floor!
Eric Marienthal
Allan Holdsworth
The Detroit Underground
and Two Wolds Connect

Mikey Pannone


Drums/ Percussion

"Mikey has played and toured across the country as well as Europe with many bands since he relocated to S.D. from his home state of Rhode Island. He has recently performed all the MIDI drum loops for the Alt Drums package developed by platinum and gold record-winning producer Ryan Greene which is compatible with "Reason" music-recording software. He's also done session drumming on many projects in both S.D. and L.A."

Mikey is currently/has worked with:

Ryan Greene
Craig Goldy (Dio)
Mark Huff (ex-Quiet Riot)