Video Testimonial

From People Who Hired Us

Barbara, Encinitas, CA- I hired Get Groovin to play a party for a my best friend who beat Breast Cancer. They we fabulous! They played all of our favorite dance songs, and even led the group in group dances. I loved how the girls taught the crowd some choreography so everyone was doing the same moves in a line. The price was very reasonable for what they delivered. I will hire them again!

Greg Reid- Secret Knock Event- San Diego, CA - Get Groovin was hired to perform my semi-annual Secret Knock Event in San Diego, CA. Guests travel from all over the world to hear from the most influential thought leaders of our generation. They played songs that really ignited the networking party and set the mood for the evening's festivities. Our guests and Sponsors were all very pleased with event that evening and Get Groovin was a big part of it!

Inverse Investments, LLC- Scott Carson- Austin TX- I do two events per year in the San Diego area, one is my Note Buying Class, and the other is a Mastermind Group. I hired Get Groovin to entertain my students, a few times now, and it really helped the group to bond and become more excited about the things that they were learning and sharing. The band played wonderfully, the girls were entertaining, the guitar player showed exceptional talent, and the rhythm section just kept the party going. I will hire them every time we are in town, because I believe that I have found the best talent in San Diego.

Tom- Alpine, CA- I was looking for a band to play my annual Halloween party for the members of AA. I went into Pal Joey's and heard the female fronted band, Get Groovin. I was impressed by their energy and song selection, so I hired them. They performed a great show, the Girls really worked the crowd and the band sounded great. My guests said I should bring them back, so I did, and again- they made the party come to life. I highly recommend this band!

From Our Fans

Curtis Darnell of La Mesa, CA- Get Groovin is my favorite dance band! The correlation of dance amongst the front ladies singing is absolutely great. A very high energy band and I highly recommend them for your event. I've been following them for over a year and always make it a point to go see them play!

Eric Portner of San Diego, CA- Get Groovin' has got it all- rhythm, rock, soul, dance and, especially "SHREDD-A-BILITY" !

Rocky Luger of Tampa FL and San Diego, CA-  Get Groovin Band has fantastic energy. Accomplished musicians bring to life the rock n Roll we know and love. Ambitious, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Halen, Pink Floyd riffs are executed with perfection. The front line of Three beautiful women harmonize and deliver with strength and excitement. Every song is performed, choreographed and designed to entertain the ears, eyes and spirit with exceptional entertainment.

Frank Rodrick- San Diego, CA- As a San Diego band photographer, I see a LOT of bands.  There are plenty of other great musicians in town—but nobody puts on a show like Get Groovin’.  What other band in San Diego has three gorgeous women fronting it?  Who has any choreography to match?  What other band has not one, not two, but FOUR lead singers?  The range and variety of songs in their repertoire is unsurpassed.   Kisag on guitar is not only a great player, but the way he moves and rocks, you can’t help but get caught up in his music.  Mikey and Craig are a rock-solid rhythm section and as always, it’s that tight rhythm section that underlies a truly professional band (and gets people out on the dance floor).  Get Groovin’ is fun to watch, great to listen to, and always  a good time.  Hire them: your guests will thank you!

Scott Clift - San Diego, CA One of the most fun bands in San Diego. Very entertaining. Wide selection of music played well !

Gena Marye Rohr- La Mesa. CA  From the first song you will be Groovin on the dance floor. Very talented musicians that always engage the crowd. It's always a pleasure to be entertained by Get Groovin !

Nathan H- San Diego CA-  The first time a friend told me you have to see this group, you will really like them...That moment on, Ok this is one of the best entertaining bands I have seen,, Awesome singing, dancing, Instruments, song selections and most of all encourage audience participation and lots of dancing .... A band that makes you wanna move , not just sit there. Each and every member of Get Groovin is not only very talented but also has a fun, down to earth personality... Would definitely recommend seeing them live at one of many local establishments or even booking them for a private event!

Jimmy- San Diego-
" My name is Jimmy, and I saw Get Groovin and I was floored. The biggest problem that I have as a front man of my band is lack of stage presence. Watching you guys was like taking a class in awesomeness for me. So I will be at every show of yours that I can see."