Sandi Shaner

Stephanie Draper

Vocals/ Dance/ Guitar

Sandi, founding member and Manager of Get Groovin,  has been writing, singing, dancing, and performing since the age of 14. She is heavily influenced by Rock music of the 70's and 80's , and has been deemed the Rocker Girl in Get Groovin! --  She has played with and opened for some great musicians and bands including:
Lita Ford,Jefferson Starship,Tesla,Cherie Currie,Dio's Band, The Last in Line


Vocals/ Dance

Stephanie is a graduate of University of Michigan, with a Bachelor in Music/ Voice. She studies Opera and sings with soul. In Get Groovin, Stephanie adds the 70's flair of Disco and Soul. Her tone is warm and soothing, and her performance has been said to have a sexy and sultry flair that would remind you of artists like Donna Summer, while maintaining an attitude like Aretha Franklin.


Craig Harris

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